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Llandudno Karate Association

Welcome to Llandudno Karate Association, our Association is based out of The Dojo, Llandudno.  The Dojo is a full-time Karate training centre, offering both Traditional and Sports Karate, alongside Fitness and Lifestyle sessions.  The Dojo is the only full time, Karate specific training facility in North Wales, located in the heart of Llandudno.

Formed in 1995 by Sensei Beverley Prendergast, Llandudno Karate Association now boasts one of the largest and most successful Karate clubs in North Wales.  Our goal is to give people of all ages the Respect & Discipline that helps us in everyday walks of life.

Llandudno Karate train in the art of Shito-Ryu Shukokai Karate. Shukokai translated "Way for All" is a dynamic form of Okinawan Karate, which has evolved from careful analysis of the dynamics and principles of Traditional Karate, whilst blending it with logical principles of the modern sporting world.


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